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In this comprehensive, 10-day course, Shaylen Maxwell, top artist and owner of Reborn, Sweet teaches you her easy to follow, paint by numbers approach to painting doll sculpts, and everything you need to know to turn this craft into a profitable business of your own.

Using Shaylen's best practices she used to grow her own business from scratch to one being featured in the national press.

This course includes tips for starting out, materials, never before offered painting techniques (including finishing touches, how to paint hair, how to combi, and micro root), weighting and assembly, how to photograph and price your doll to maximize your sales, business best practices, and everything you need to know to start, run, and expand your reborn doll business. You get lifetime access to all video content, accessible on your phone, tablet, or pc, at your own pace, as often as needed!

From Start to Sold in 3 Mins a reborn teaser!

This complete reborn system will save you hundreds of dollars on unnecessary materials, and help new and experienced reborners alike take their doll artistry to new levels, and help you to build a highly profitable reborn empire!


Warming Layers (prepping a light sculpt)

Day 1, Part 1: This is an optional step designed to warm the vinyl of a very pale doll sculpt (white vinyl, or pale yellow). Using three colors. Skip this step if your vinyl is already a beautiful base flesh hue. This module also includes how to set up your workspace and prep your convection oven for setting heat set paint.

Neutralizing the Vinyl

Day 1.2 This is an optional step designed to neutralize the vinyl of an overly orange, yellow, gray, or pink base. Please reference chart #1.2 Neutralizing. Skip this step if your vinyl is already a nice base hue. This module also includes how to set up your workspace and prep your convection oven for setting heat set paint.

Veining, Undertones & First Blushing

Day 2: Using three colors this step is designed to start detailing your doll sculpt. Adding depth and realism. Refer to your reference chart #2 for painting veins and undertones (go as detailed as you like). And start to build color and life with first blushing.

Creasing & Blushing

Day 3: Now to start bringing your doll to life in a real way! This step is designed to crease deep and subtle creases over your entire sculpt. Using two different crease shades, you will add depth and dimension to the sculpt. And continue to build off the blushing you did the day before, adding more life and glow to your baby. You will also use the very same colors to paint your dolls lips and lids.

Mottling, Pt 1

Day 4: Mottling Part 1. This stage focuses on adding depth to your doll’s overall skin tone. Using three pale washes and mottling brushes. A tutorial on creating your own realistic mottling sponges is also provided at the start of the video.

Mottling, Pt 2

Day 5: Mottling Part 2. Using three more colors, add even MORE depth and realism to your doll’s skin. This step adds more life to your sculpt, with subtle shades (just like a real newborn’s skin has). An additional 7th mottling shade is included and can be optionally applied for effect.

Finishing Touches

Day 6: Finishing touches! This module covers adding extremely realistic details and finishing touches to your painted doll sculpt. From adding capillaries to eyelids, cheeks, ears, and thinner skin patches; adding milia (milk pimples) to baby’s nose; and additional thin skin undertones. These steps are optional based on your comfort level and painting style. And tipping baby’s nails (this is not optional). This module also covers how to add a dewy skin finish to your doll and texturing.

Setting Eyes

Day 6, Part 2: This step can be done at any point during the reborn process, and walks you through which eyes to use for an open eyed sculpt and the easiest way to insert, position, and set eyes. Full round glass eyes are recommended for ease and realism, but flat back glass eyes can be inserted and set the same way.

Sealing Skin, Painting Brows, And Barely There Painted Hair

This module walks you through how to seal your doll’s skin (to protect the paint and remove any shininess on the vinyl). It also covers the way for painting brows realistically using only three lines. Please reference your chart 7.1. And painting barely there hair (the easiest method for painting hair on a reborn doll, no artistic skill required). Instantly transform any bald baby into a valuable baby with a realistic newborn head of hair using just pencils and a wash of paint.

Painting a Thicker Head of Hair

Day 7, Part 2. This is an optional step, if you want a reborn doll with a thicker head of baby hair. This module teaches you how to paint a thicker head of hair and builds off the hair pattern you painted in Module 9 (Day 7, Part 1). It also takes you through sealing your painted head of hair. If you only want a barely there head of hair, you will need to watch the end of this video to see how to seal the head of hair and seal the skin once more.

Combi Hair

Day 7, Part 3: How to combi your reborn doll. Combi is short for combination hair, painted hair + rooted hair. This step shows you where and how to root hair into your existing painted head of hair. This hair style is very uncommon and highly prized amongst reborn collectors for its realism and ease of styling. This module also covers rooting lashes in your reborn doll, how to angle your rooting tool, which rooting needle & size of rooting needle to use, and proper micro rooting technique. As well as how to find quality mohair.

Micro Rooting a Full Head of Hair

Day 7, Part 4: An alternative to painted hair, this module covers everything you need to know to micro root a head of hair on your reborn doll. It also includes how to angle your rooting tool, which rooting needle & size of rooting needle to use, and how (and why) to find quality mohair. If you prefer rooted hair, you can skip the prior modules devoted to day 7, hair (minus brows & sealing brows) and skip straight to this module. This module also includes cutting and styling your rooted head and techniques on how to avoid strain or injury when rooting for long periods of time.


Day 8: This module takes you through every step to finishing your reborn doll and transforming it into a newborn baby! It covers how to create a magnetized pacifier and magnetizing your reborn doll for a paci & hair bow. How to seal your reborn hair (combi or rooted) & lashes. How to weight as assemble your reborn doll. And how to gloss your reborn’s face and nails.  This module also includes safety information for proper sealing techniques when working with the proper reborn materials for stuffing and weighting your doll.


Day 9: This module covers everything you need to know to professional photograph your reborn for sale. It includes how to set up your photography space, proper lighting, how to pose your doll realistically, clothing & props, camera and lens selection, newborn photography techniques and close-ups. As well as finished pictures. A chart is also provided with reminders and links to where you can purchase similar throws and backdrops.

Running a Profitable Reborn Business

Day 10: This final module covers everything you need to know to run your own profitable reborn business and turn your artistic creations into cash. It takes you through how to set up a social media presence, tips to grow your fan base, how to list your doll for sale (an ebay auction template is yours free!), how to maximize your visibility, creating a website, social media tie ins, search engine optimization, how to price and sell your dolls competitively and profitably, how to run a custom order business, and so much more!


  • #1
    Top 10 Tips for Running a Profitable Reborn Business

    A blueprint of the top 10 tips EVERY reborn artist must know in order to run a successful and profitable reborn business.

  • #2
    Materials Checklist

    Save hundreds of dollars on materials with this free comprehensive checklist showing EVERYTHING you need to create and sell a baby from start to sold (with no unnecessary purchases). Covers everything from stuffing materials to brush types and sizes.

  • #3
    FREE Ebay HTML Template

    Included in the course is a FREE Ebay HTML template you can customize for any of your doll listings! No need to ever hire your own developer to code an auction for you again! Elegant and simply designed, no prior html coding experience required.

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    30 Day Access to the Exclusive FB Group

    30 Day free access to the Reborn A to Z FB Group – only accessible for members & offered at a monthly cost of $19.99 after the first month! With weekly Q & A’s with top reborn artist, Shaylen Maxwell. And new course information, additions and extras!

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    + Additional Course PDF's

    Also included are PDF charts showing detailed instructions for veining, undertoning, neutralizing washes, brow and hair painting, combi, rooting, and selling tips.

  • #6
    **NEW! Ethnic Tones - Fleshing & Creasing

    2 page PDF download with example pics taking you through each step required to create smooth, even skin tones in every shade.

This course is for reborn admirers, collectors, and artists alike!

This course is designed for new and experienced reborn artists alike. If you've ever wanted to paint your own reborn doll, but never imagined you could (perhaps there were just too many steps involved, too costly to start, too afraid of the margin for error) now's your chance to try your hand at this incredible medium!

With Shaylen's easy-to-follow paint by numbers approach, painting a reborn doll has never been easier! No art background needed! And if you're experienced already? Awesome! Reborn A to Z builds on your existing techniques, adding areas of realism never before shown in a reborn tutorial series (every hair type including COMBI). And covers aspects of the business to take your existing reborn doll business to new levels.

You're a reborn doll admirer or collector and would love to make your own, rather than pay someone else!

You're naturally artsy and love anything crafty (looking at you, Pinterest chick!) and would love to build a business around being crafty!

You're a reborn artist already but you want to improve your techniques, photography, or grow your business!

You're a mom, and your kids are obsessed with dolls and you'd love to make them dolls way more realistic than any you'd find in stores (& cheaper too).

If you've always wanted to become a professional reborn artist, this course will turn you into one! Seriously!

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I've always wanted to reborn a doll but had no clue how to start. This course made it so easy for me to jump right in. I felt so confident. Even though I'm not very artistic, I didn't need to be. It was so easy to follow! Highly recommend this course!

Learned a lot of new painting techniques from this course, in addition to a ton of business tips for taking my existing reborn business to the next level. I'm excited to try all the new social media techniques and photography tricks for my next photoshoot! Thanks, Reborn A to Z!!!

So much content. So detailed. And the videos are clear, concise, and exceptionally easy to follow. I've been looking for a unique business concept that allows me to stay home with my kids and earn a good income! I've finally found it! I love making them already and I've had tremendous success selling my first two thanks to all the tips!


Lifetime Membership
  • Full, instant access to all videos
  • All bonus material
  • Access to the exclusive Q & A FB Forum with artist
  • Future updates and content